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TradesTalking – episode 12

podcast episode 12

TradesTalking is one year old!

To celebrate the first anniversary of the podcast, we are refocusing the content to look more closely at marketing and business for the trades, and we’ll be sharing tips (ours) and expert advice (not ours) on how to market yourself as a tradesperson.

In this episode, we talk about five things you might want to do to start sorting out your digital presence – particularly as, at the time of recording, the country is on coronavirus lockdown.

The tips cover:

  • Sorting out your pictures
  • Getting a website done (we mention Shake & Speare, who can be found here:
  • Asking your best customers for testimonials
  • Starting/building your Insta and/or Facebook page
  • Analyse last year’s customers to see where your business came from

In the next few episodes, we’ll have experts on talking about everything from Facebook ads to business networking.

TradesTalking is hosted by Lucy & Stu, and sponsored by the lovely people at Norbord.