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TradesTalking – episode 6

podcast episode 6 tradestalk

Our sixth episode was recorded in unusual locations (a bar and a garden) so please do forgive us for any dips in audio quality!

This episode features:

  • The TradieLadies panel – a discussion about women in the trades, featuring Stopcocks’ Hattie Hasan, Karen Boom (She’s Electric), Natasha Clark-Withers (Get Her Trade) and award-winning bricky Katie Smith.
  • Three things I can’t live without – featuring Stanley Tabersham and various members of his family.
  • Innovation – talking to Sanjit Dosanjh from Norbord about CaberAcoustic.
  • Lyrical Gangster – which tradesperson is reading song lyrics in the style of poetry? Win a TradesTed sticker!